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Thanks to ALL Drivers

18.07.2022, 19:59
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Thanks to all drivers, who decided to give us a ride, even if it were just to another city, or road long 413 km. from Hungary to Romania! There were really lot of you with great stories. Like traveler from London to the Romania, or Ukraine - Kyrgyzstan couple looking for hidden bottle with 100 dollars (we will let you know, when we find one), German couple traveling for one year all around Europe, rally driver from Ukraine, or Actor from Turkey, and of course everyone else.
You all helped two young travelers get a lot of great experiences and stories, gave us chance to see different places, and most importantly you showed us, that there are everywhere people with good hearth, and doesn't matter where you are.

So, thanks you a lot, we wish you best luck on your roads and have that luck, that you meet same good people, as you are!
We believe, we will see you somewhere again!

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